So Long, It's Been Fun.

When I started f-stopMarin (fsm) more than two years ago, I had no idea how much I would grow photographically or how much a part I'd ultimately feel of the photoblogger community. I started fsm as a way to connect with the people of Marin County where I have called home for the last nine years.

At the end of this month, I am moving to Pt. Richmond, just over the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in Contra Costa County. Though "The Point" is only minutes away, it is worlds away from Marin, and I doubt I will update fsm regularly, if at all.

Though I've sometimes resented the pressure that I afflicted upon myself to photograph daily, and post almost as often, I will miss fsm and all of you who have participated in it by being photographed and/or visiting.

I'm not yet sure what my next creative project will be, but there will be one. Check in to find out. Whatever it will be, I'll announce it here.

Thanks again. See you around.


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